Polish to Gel

Q. What is  Polish to Gel?

A. Polish to Gel is formulated to turn any regular nail polish to gel polish. It does not only make your favorite colors available in gel form, it will also hydrates, and conditions your nails, freeing you from dry, brittle, and weak nails.

Q. What are the advantages of using Polish to Gel on my nails’ health?

A. Polish to Gel hydrates, nourishes, and conditions the nails preventing you from having weak, dry, and brittle nails.

Q. Does Polish to Gel contain any harmful chemicals?

A. Polish to Gel is specially formulated, and does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP.

Q. How do I mix Polish to Gel with my nail polish?

A. Hydracol’s Polish to Gel was formulated to be mixed with a 50/50 ratio.

Q. Can I pre-mix Polish to Gel nail polish and not immediately apply it?

A. Hydracol recommends preparation of mixture prior direct usage for best results.

Q. How do I apply Polish to Gel?

A. A step-by-step instruction is provided by clicking the link below.

How To Apply

Q. Should I use a different brush in mixing and applying the gel polish?

A The nail polish brush can be used in both mixing and application. But if you prefer using different bushes, it’s okay. Always make sure you clean the polish brush after the application with a paper towel.

Q. Does the mixed polish normally thickens while applying the mixture ?

A. Keep in mind that the gel polish is cured with LED/UV light, and working in a room lit with LED or applying under an LED lamp can start that curing process without you meaning it to. Mix color enough for one hand at a time to avoid waste of gel polish.

Q. After application, the shade of the polish was uneven on the nails.

A. Remember to apply thin layers, dark colors may require multiple coatings, to ensure that the light will be able to cure the polish and avoid unevenness.

Q. After applying a layer, when I tried to add more polish before curing, some of the polish came off, why?

A. Remember that each layer should be thinly applied and cured. If ever this occurs during your application, just start curing and continue with the application of thin layers.

Q. Sometimes when I used a light color and it looks diluted and lighter?

A. A 50/50 ratio is recommended during mixing, but for light colors, you can go up to 60/40 to avoid obvious dilution of the color. And keep in mind that the most important aspect in achieving the best result in your gel polish is curing. Some colors require 3 coats.

Q. Is it normal that after curing, some nails look wrinkled?

A. Thickness of the gel polish applied will be the reason of wrinkles on your nails. Apply a thin layer of Hydracol Gel top coat, and continue the curing process. If wrinkles are still visible, removal of the gel polish and re-application is the best way.

Q. How do I remove Hydracol gel polish?

A. There are two methods in removing gel polish and the step-by-step instruction can be viewed here Polish to Gel Removal


Hydra Smooth

Q. Should i remove nail polish before use ?
A. Yes, remove it before use. The Hydra Peel can sometimes can take off polish.

Q. What are the active ingredients ?

A. Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, Sorbitol, Butylene Glycol, Papain, Aloe Extract, Citric Acid, Salicylic Acid

Q. How Long before you start seeing peeling ?
A. About 3/5 days. Keep soaking every night in warm water for 10 minutes each time. Then, all the dead skin falls away. Peeling will last about one/two weeks.

Q. Does it hurt or burn your feet ?
A. No, however if you have an allergy to the acid or sensitive skin with open wounds do not use. The soaking for 10 minutes every night is crucial.

Q. What shoe size are the boots ?
A. Can fit up to a size 11

Q. Is it safe to use when pregnant ?
A. Remember, any product placed on the skin or absorbed through the skin goes through your body and all your bodily fluids. I would recommend waiting to avoid any risk to the baby..

Q. How long should i wait to use the second pair ?
A.You won't need to use the second treatment for quite a few months. It is important not to use lotion on your feet until they are completely finished peeling. 

Q. Can you use it on your elbows ?
A. No

Q. Its been 4 days and nothing has happened yet?
A. Soak your feet in the shower and then apply a good thick coat of lotion and socks. This should speed it up. After 7 days if you don't see any peeling use the second pair.

Q. Can this be used on feet with fungus ?
A. No